Sneaky Klean Giveaway


Here at Sneaker Obsession we have put together this very special giveaway in collaboration Sneaky Klean. For the next few months we will be giving away bottles of sneaker cleaner provided by Sneaky Klean to some very lucky readers. Sneaky Klean is a premium sneaker cleaning solution which removes just about anything you get on your sneakers from oil stains, grease, your average dirt marks and even blood. You can read our personal review on Sneaky Klean here.

Each month two readers will be randomly selected to receive a bottle of Sneaky Klean. For more details about the contest and how to participate for your chance to win please read the details below.

Who Can Enter?
Anybody who is signed up to the Sneaker Obsession Newsletter is eligible for a chance to take part in the contest. To sign up to the newsletter please click here. Make sure you verify your email address enter signing up inorder to be visible on our newsletter list.

How Do You Enter?
In order to take part in the contest, after signing up for the newsletter, you simply just have to leave you comments within the posts. Dont spam the comments with nonsense, leave some sensible feedback about the sneakers. Spamming or anything we suspect you are doing just to get “noticed” will not be taken lightly and will have you disqualified from the contests. Feel free to converse though with other readers. Quality verse quantity gets you noticed folks.

How Will A Winner Be Picked?
Once every two weeks the names of commentators will be placed on a list which will be randomly arranged by a computer program with the winners name being the one which lands at the top. The persons email will then be verified to our newsletter list and if they are signed up they will be our official winner for the 2 week period. The winner will be announced on the site, and will also be emailed directly, and will have 24hrs to claim the prize before its award to another reader.

What Will You Win?
The winner for each two week period will receive a free 4FL OZ bottle of Sneaky Klean sneaker cleaner. Sneaky Klean is a leading company in the sneaker industry when it comes to cleaners to keep your sneakers looking brand spanking new. Each bottle is able to clean up to 30 pairs of sneakers and is able to be used on leather, suede, canvas, nylon and rubber. Not only that but the cleaner will remove anything from oil stains or grease, to your average dirt marks. Its even strong enough to handle blood stains, but yet safe enough for your precise sneakers.


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