Pastry Shoes

Pastry Shoes

Pastry Shoes is the creation of Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons who are the daughters of celebrity Reverend Run. Pastry came about in Spring 2007 under the direction of Run Athletics. Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons’ idea for the brand was to design colorful sneakers which took a theme to cake and candy and slap a reasonable price on them that would appeal to ladies of all ages. Since the inital release of Pastry Shoes the company has blown up and instantly achieved a fan base among the female sneaker industry. Not only are the ladies buying and wearing Pastry Shoes they are collecting them just like guys collect Jordans, Dunks and everything else. But you should know that already cause i mean come on, what lady doesnt like her shoes?

Starting out with just sneakers the company has pretty much turned into a full fashion line for ladies which now includes clothes and bags to go along with Pastry Shoes. There are also sneakers available now by Pastry for toddlers. The Simmons’ girls, with some helpful insight from their father and uncle im sure, are doing things big and doing them right.

Are you looking for a place to scoop up some Pastry Shoes? If so check out some of the retailers below and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Pastry Shoes and other various footwear.

DrJays – DrJays carries an extensive collection of Pastry products including shoes, apparel and accessories. The prices are reasonable and theres always products on sale. Shop Pastry at DrJays now.

FinishLine – FinishLine is one of the first, if not the first major retailers to stock Pastry Shoes. If you cant find what your looking for in your local FinishLine retailer you can hit them up online for a much larger selection. Shop Pastry at FinishLine now.

Pastry Kicks – Pastry Kicks is quickly becoming one of the webs premier online stores for Pastry Shoes and other Pastry products. If your looking for the newest Pastry releases chances are Pastry Kicks will be one of the first online shops to have them in stock so make sure you check em out. Shop Pastry at Pastry Kicks now.

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