Jordan Brand

From 1985, when the Air Jordan 1 was first released, till 1996, when the Air Jordan XII debuted, Air Jordan’s were released under the Nike brand name. The sneakers carried various Nike branding along with the infamous Air Jordan Jumpman logo. In 1997, Nike started a marketing plan that turned the Air Jordan line into its own sub-brand. This is when Jordan Brand was formed.

To start things off for the Jordan Brand company the Air Jordan XIII, Air Jordan Team, and Air Jordan Trainers debuted under the new name. The idea to form Jordan Brand allowed Michael Jordan to work exclusively with designers and innovators of his choice, and pretty much put together his own team of top notch designers in the industry. Jordan Brand started releasing much more then just the lineup of Air Jordans.

Jordan Sports Performance

Besides for Air Jordan Jordan Brand designed the Jordan Sports Performance collection. The collection covers training and performance needs of athletes across all sports, whether it be uniforms or articles of clothing used during training/games or accessories used on and off the field/court. The line also put together Team Jordan which includes contracts with superstars from both the NBA and MLB, including Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony, who Jordan Brand designs products for exclusively.

Jordan Lifestyle

Atheltic apperal and performance accessories werent enough for Jordan Brand so the company put together the Jordan Lifestyle collection. This branch of the company works solely on producing athletic-inspired streetwear for todays youth and young adults. This includes tees, shorts, track jackets, caps and hats, and various articles of clothing.

Jordan Womens

Whats a collection without having a little something for the ladies out there? Jordan Brand wanted to make sure all the females out there werent getting excluded from the Jordan Brand branch so the company formed the Jordan Womens collection. Of course this collection featured products for the urban chic female who identifies with the
culture of sport and Michael Jordan’s on and off-court appeal.

Sports Marketing

Besides for putting together Team Jordan which included athletes from professional sports, Jordan Brand also worked exclusively with numerous NCAA College Basketball teams, designing both uniforms and sneakers carrying the Jordan Brand branding. The colleges currently part of the Jordan Brand program are; Georgetown University, University of California Berkeley, University of North Carolina and North Carolina A&T.

On the high school side of things, Jordan Brand puts together the country’s top seniors every April to take part in the Jordan Brand All-American Classic (JBAAC). Jordan Brand exclusively puts the players up in a hotel in New York City to take part in the JBAAC which goes down at the world famous Madison Square Garden. The JBAAC is a great opportunity for any of the nations top high school basketball players to take part in, seeing how the event is heavily scouted. Many JBAAC alums have moved on to become basketball stars in both college and professional basketball.

Jordan Fundamentals

Jordan Brand remains active in the community through numerous programs and affiliations, one of the biggest being their own personal Jordan Fundamentals program. The Jordan Fundamentals program is geared towards giving teachers who despite challenging situations and limited resources, strive beyond traditional lesson planning to motivate and inspire their students to take it to the next level. Year each 400 grants at $2,500 a piece are awarded, totaling $1 Million dollars a year. To date over $7 Million dollars has been awarded through the Jordan Fundamentals program, with a portion of Jordan Brand sales funding the program.

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