Greedy Genius

Greedy Genius, launched in 1995 in Saint Louis, Missouri, is in some ways the free spirit of the sneaker’s world. The Greedy Genius line consists of their lifestyle footwear collection, plus graphic T-shirts, head wear and accessories. Greedy Genius operates several sub-brands which include PRVLG, GN$, DONT BE MI$LED, and THEROOTOFALLEVIL. With names like these you know you can expect something different, and Greedy Genius has not disappointed. The style embedded in their product line reflects a blend of late 80 and 90’s hip hop, Indy skate, and pop-culture with a dash of global traveler mixed in. Their line of sneakers are self-described as “better than premium, with the right touch of color, the right combination of fabrics, all encased in a supremely deluxe package”.

The First 5 Years – With its founding in 2005 under the leadership of Nick Loftis and Brandon Chang, one of the first things the team accomplished was the launching of the website and the introduction of their first product line. Besides Loftis and Chang, there were two others involved in the start up, with each of the four members of the team having had experience in the sneaker retailing sector. The Greedy Genius trademark was established in 2005 as was the DO-BOY logo, DO-BOY being the Greedy Genius mascot. The first prototype of the what was to become instantly popular Phantom sneaker went into production that first year.

In 2006 Greedy Genius distributed its product line through 100 of the more influential boutiques, at the same time introducing the world’s first custom color 3M reflection sneaker, an indication of things to come. Greedy Genius gained national exposure while being featured in a national campaign commercial advertising the Toyota Avalon.

In 2007 Greedy Genius distributed the Phantom South Beach shoe, in a limited edition of 300 pairs, and introduced the Cool Breeze and Apache styles. Another sneaker, the highly advertised and much-anticipated La Femme GN$ was introduced in 2008, the same year in which Greedy Genius opened their online store. 2008 also saw the release of two more limited edition sneakers, the Truly Greedy and Famous Stars and Stripes. During the year, Greedy Genius established a business relationship with footwear giant Finish Line, and established a business relationship with Underground Station, a leading mall boutique in 2009. A partnership was established that same year with Greyone Arsenal which culminated in the opening of a flagship store in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides being available in stores in most states in the USA, the Greedy Genius product line can now be found in stores in The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom.

The Coming Years – Up to the present time, the company has focused on an assortment of sneakers which, while having all of the important features of a structurally sound classic sneaker, also feature a number of luxurious modern embellishments, the result being a truly unique product line which became instantly popular and remains so today. As far as what the future may bring, plans are currently underway to move the Greedy Genius brand name into the area of apparel, watches, eye wear, and toys.

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