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Ian Fieggen is the man responsible for the popular book titled ‘Laces’. In this book by Ian you will find over 100 different shoelace styles to lace your sneakers up with. This book is a must have for any sneaker collector who is looking to freshen up his or her sneakers in a unique way. The book Laces comes in a tri-fold design like a wallet and the outside of the book looks like a pair of sneakers with laces for you to practice on. Ian Fieggen has been kind enough to donate a personalized autographed copy of Laces to the winner of this contest. The contest is pretty simple and pretty much anybody who owns sneakers and shoelaces can enter easily enough. To find out what we are looking for and how to enter please read below.

How to enter
To enter the Pimp Your Kicks contest sponsored by Ians Shoelace Site all you have to do is get together your nicest pair of sneakers and lace them up in a unique way which may include various colors or different style laces. The winner of the contest will be judged by how well the sneakers are laced (we dont want to see anything sloppy), how the colors of the laces flow with the overall look of the sneaker and by what catches our eye the most. There will be 1 winner and 1 winner only. We please ask that you only submit 1 pair of sneakers. You can include multiple pictures of the same sneaker if you have them. Please use a valid email address so we can reach you if you are a winner.

Contest Start: 3/01/08
Contest Ends: 3/31/08
Submit Pictures: Please Click Here

Use Ian’s Shoelace Site for references and ideas to get you started. We urge you to start here.

Winner Information
The winner of this contest will be announced April 1st. No this is not a joke haha. It just happens to be Aprils Fools Day and instead of fooling you with a cruel joke we are surprising somebody with a prize. The winner will also be emailed, besides being announced on the site, so please make sure you use a valid email address so we can reach you. We will ask you for you full name and a valid email address on where to send the book. You will also be asked how you would like Ian to sign the book. Shipping will be done directly through Ian in Australia.

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