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Our good friends at Become Fitted have been nice enough to sponsor our first contest “SneakerHeads Become Fitted”. The premier online fitted cap boutique Become Fitted, carries some of the sickest fitteds on the market today. Thanks to Lionel and the guys over at Become Fitted for throwin us a fitted cap to give away from free!!

True Sneakerheads know what the right fitted cap will do for a new pair of kicks. It can take ’em to the next level, but you gotta do it right. You can have the illest pair of kicks on, but if your rockin a wack fitted, you look like a chump. So show us the goods!! To take part in this contest, you must send us a picture of your nicest sneaker and fitted hat combos. Fitted tilted up against the sneakers. All entries will be reviewed and the combo that kills the competition will be awarded the winner of the first contest here on Sneaker Obsession. There are some rules you need to follow so please continue reading.

Rules – You may any pair of sneakers and fitted caps, but you can only use them once. For example, you match up a True fitted with a nice pair of Retro Jordans. After you submit this picture to us, you can no longer use that same hat or those same sneakers in another picture combo. If you are caught, all your entries will be thrown out. The winner of the contest has 48hrs to claim their prize. A picture of the winning combo will be posted, your email address will be kept private. The winner will receive an email when the contest ends with more information about how to claim his/her prize.

Contest Start: 11/13
Contest End: 11/18
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