The Adidas company was founded in 1924 in Germany. Two bothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler created the company which at the time was called Dassler Shoes. The company can thank a lot of its success in the early days to the runners and athletes who wore Dassler Shoes during the Olympics. Once the sneakers were seen being worn by world athletes the company quickly made a name for itself.

The name Adidas didnt come around until 1948 when Rudolf Dassler split from the company and formed Puma. After his departure Adi Dassler designed the iconic three stripe logo and changed the company name to Adidas. Adidas still continued to produce shoes used by Olympic athletes proving them to be a great model when it came to performance and comfort. However, around the mid 80s Adidas almost feel off the map when the company faced serious finical issues after Adi, his wife and there son passing away. A man by the name of Bernard Tapie came to the rescue of the company and saved them from going down the drain and being forgotten.

This was right around the time when legendary Hip Hop group RUN-DMC was coming onto the scene strong. The group made the Shell-Toe Adidas an iconic image in the hip hop culture at the time and Adidas was back in the game again with sales reaching incredible numbers. To this very day the Adidas Shell-Toe, or Superstar rather, is still one of the companies most popular model and sold in countries all around the world.

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