Nike Air Garnett Comes Back As Nike Air Max 3


If you heard the rumors months ago about how the Nike Air Garnett 3 was going to be re-released then what you heard was indeed true. Since there release 10yrs ago the Nike Air Garnett 3, which is now being called the Air Max 3, hasnt seen the light of day in any sort of retro appearance until now.

Set to release later this year in October will be the Air Max 3 which is pretty much an exact replica of the Air Garnett 3. The sneakers use the same leather and gradient mesh combo on the upper which has exactly the same silhouette as the originals. A few minor details such as some Kevin Garnett branding which was included on the originals has been removed but like i said thats minor for the most part. We should just be happy Nike didnt mess up this retro which im sure many Kevin Garnett fans have been waiting on.

Watch for the Nike Air Garnett 3 Air Max 3 to hit retailers in October. Follow the jump for a closer look thanks to FootLocker.






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