Chapter x Reebok ‘Glow Pack’


The latest collaboration between Japanese retailer Chapter and Reebok, two companies which have collaborated together in the past, bring us the ‘Glow Pack’ which obviously includes some glow in the dark sneakers. In the ‘Glow Pack’ Chapter and Reebok put together the Reebok Pump Omni Lite and the Reebok Court Victory Pump in glow in the dark fashion.

In their original non-glowing state the Reebok Pump Omni Lite and the Reebok Court Victory Pump both include uppers which use a smash up of trendy spring colors such as pink, green, yellow, purple and blue. The uppers are made from premium leather and patent leather, while the actual pumps use tennis ball material. To go along with all of it the Pump Omni Lite has a reflective rainbow design along the blue patent leather that wraps around the toe, as well as a tonal hexagon design which you can really notice when the sneakers are glowing.

Theres just to many details to get into so make sure you follow the jump to check out some detailed pictures of the sneakers, including some shots of them in the dark.










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