Nike Dunk ‘Incredible Hulk’ Custom Sneakers


THIRST, the artist who created the Ninja Turtle Nike Dunks many of you were feeling, presents us with one of his latest custom sneakers. For this pair of Nike Dunks THIRST put together a design based after a comic book character everybody should be familiar with, the Incredible Hulk.

For the Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks THIRST used a color combo of green/grey/black/purple with some pretty interesting details which really help bring the Incredible Hulk theme to life. For example the toe-box, frontal, lace panel and on the panel around the ankle you have a green design which represents the Hulk’s skin and his veins. On the ankle panel of the Dunks theres purple denim which appears to be torn like the pants of Bruce Banner when he turns into the Incredible Hulk. Finishing up the sneakers and completing the Hulk theme is a custom tongue tag designed by THIRST which says “The Ultimate Drought. THIRST” in the same styling the Incredible Hulk text logo is done in.

Follow the jump to check out more detailed pictures of the Incredible Hulk Nike Dunk custom sneakers and make sure you do a quick search here on Sneaker Obsession for “THIRST” to check out the rest of the amazing work hes done.






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