Nike Air Penny Hybrid – Designed by BP


Cody Harris a.k.a BP, is a very talented man when it comes to desining computer generated sneaker designs. Flexing his talent some more Cody recently put together a Nike Air Penny Hybrid. Cody admits that hes not a big fan of the Nike Air 1/2 Cent and just felt like the whole design and shape of the sneaker just wasnt right so he decided to design his own Penny fusion.

In my opinion Cody did a great job, and has designed something which i personally find a lot more appealing then the 1/2 Cent. At a quick glance the sneakers may just look like an updated version of the Air Penny III, with an added Nike Swoosh, but once you get into it and break it down you can really see whats been taken from each Penny model.

After the jump we have a statement by Cody about the sneakers explain what parts of each Penny model he used, along with more pictures of the sneakers in various color forms and in a comparison next to the Air 1/2 Cent. Follow the jump to check em out and lets us know in the comments what you think. Air 1/2 Cent or the Air Penny Hybrid by BP?

I went with the Penny line, even though pics recently surfaced of the 1/2 cent….I may be in the minority, but I think the 1/2 cent is a very akward looking shoe. The shape doesn’t seem right, and I am just not a fan of the design as a whole.

With that being said, I set out to make a more appealing fusion that would do the Penny line justice both aesthetically and performance wise.

I took pieces from each shoe in the line and put them together in a way that I liked. Some pieces play a major roll in the design, like the foam from the IIIs, and some a very minor role. The upper is basically a modified black nubuck Penny I, some stitching has been removed for a cleaner look, and some eyelets have been reworked as well. There is obviously heavy influence from the Penny III, as it is my favorite from the line. The sole is undoubtedly from the Foamposite One, but has also received a few tweeks to the carbon fiber and the heel. You can see the 3M piping racing across the upper from the Penny II, and I topped it off with a jewel swoosh from the Penny I.

The medial side was going to have heavy influence from the Penny IV, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to come across good enough pics to show that.

A classic Black/Royal colorway with silver accents and quality materials, combined with Air Max in the heel and forefoot Zoom reinsure you that the Penny line is still alive…






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