Kryptonate Foamposite Lite – Release Info


Here you have it folks, official release info about the Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite. People have been debating on if these sneakers would officially release or not and to put the nail in the coffin and set the record straight FootLocker has just confirmed the release publicly. On Tuesday, March 17th, House of Hoops in Harlem will receive a very limited quantity.

According to what we have heard from sources there will only be a total of 24 pairs being sold. And to add a little more hype to it the rumor is Nate Robinson himself may even be there chatting it up with those who turn out for the release and to sign the sneakers of those who wish to have them signed.

If you plan on grabbing a pair of these you better get your knapsack ready cause we know for sure people will be heading out a few days early with hopes to snatch one of the limited number of pairs thatll be released.

Update: Krytonate Foamposite Lite to release at NikeTown too.


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