Greedy Genius x Underground Station – March 2009 Releases


After recently taking a look at the Greedy Genius x FinishLine – March 2009 Releases, which will be sold exclusively through 100 FinishLine retailers, we keep it moving with a look at the Greedy Genius x Underground Station collection.

Greedy Genius and Underground Station teamed up under the Greedy Genius Special Make-Up Program which allows retailers like Underground Station and FinishLine to work directly with Greedy Genius to design sneakers and colorways to be sold exclusively through their retailers. Underground Station designed two pairs of the Greedy Genius Apache, which is inspired by the Air Jordan 5 and what looks to be two colorways of the Greedy Genius Cool Breeze ‘NOIR’. The pair shown above is known as the ‘Lectric’ Apache while the pair shown after the jump is dubbed the ‘Windy’ Apache. After the jump you can also find some shots of the NOIR.

Only a total of 25 Underground Station shops will receive the new models, with a limit of 10 pairs in each store. Visit your local Underground Station to check on availability or give em a call. The sneakers should be hitting the shops any day now.











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