Nike ‘Boba Fett’ Zoom Force 1 Snowboard Boot Customs


EmmanueLabor who is a beast in the custom sneaker industry was recently asked to design a pair of the Nike Zoom Force 1 Snowboard Boots to be put on display at the ESPN Winter X-Games. When EmmanueLabor was pinned for the project he had already put together an idea in his head for the Zoom Force 1 custom, but when he got the boots in the mail he had found out his idea wasnt going to work out as planned. The original idea was designed for the white or black/white version but instead EmmanueLabor was sent the dark army/gold colorway.

Being pressed for time and having to pretty much start from scratch at this point EmmanueLabor started in with a whole new theme. The inspiration used to design the large Nike Zoom 1 Snowboard Boots comes from Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from the Star Wars series. The boots feature a green, gold, yellow and grey colorway with a design over the tongue/laces which is suppose to look like Boba Fetts helmet with the red part of it serving as a lace protector as well. On the right side of Boba Fetts uniform there is round logo on his chest so therefore EmmanueLabor included the logo on the right shoe. On the left side of his uniform, on his shoulder, there is another logo so that was included on the left shoe, along with yellow bars on the green strap to represent the side of Boba Fetts helmet. 

EmmanueLabor admits the design didnt really turn out as he has planned due to the fact he had to change his theme at the last minute and rush the idea due to a limit in time. He also says he personally doesnt like the final product but here at Sneaker Obsession we sure think its cool, specially since its a Nike Zoom Force 1 Snowboard Boot which is something you dont see customized all that much. Good work EmmanueLabor!

Follow the jump for more pictures of all the details that turn these boots into the Boba Fett Nike Zoom Force 1.





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