KangaROOS Trap Hi – Personal Review


First of all, i wanna give my thanks to Jared over at KangaROOS. Jared blessed me with a pair of the new Trap Hi by KangaROOS. Being an avid sneaker consumer Jared asked me if i could put the Trap Hi through a test run and give him my personal review on what i thought of the product and its quality.

The Trap Hi is part of the Walter Payton Limited Edition Collection from KangaROOS. This collection of footwear is inspired by the ROOS legendary football player Walter Payton, aka Sweetness, use to wear during the 80s with updated styling and details. During his time Walter Payton was the first NFL athlete to endorse the KangaROOS brand on and off the field.

The collection was released towards the end of January exclusively at FinishLine where they stocked 5 different sneaker models and matching apparel. The models currently available at the Trap Hi, Sweetness Hi, Trap Lo, Bleacher Mid and the Bleacher Lo. A portion of all proceeds of sales on Walter Payton Limited Edition Collection from ROOS will be donated to Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.

For our full review on the KangaROOS Trap Hi and a look at each available colorway follow the jump for all the info.

The Review
When the Trap Hi first arrived in the mail i treated just like any other pair of sneakers i would get delivered to me, quickly running inside to find something to cut the box open with. After getting the package opened i noticed that the sneakers were included in a somewhat stylish box. Something which doesnt look on the cheap side and doesnt look half bad sitting in the closet. Not that the box really matters but its part of the package ya know?

When i took the KangaROOS Trap Hi out of the box the first thing that came to mind was a mix between a pair of Supra Skytops and a pair of Nike Dunks. Not that the Trap Hi has the same layout when it comes to panels but the basic silhouette of the shoe just gave me that kinda vibe. I slid the sneakers on and right off the bat i was calling them some of the most comfortable sneakers ive worn. They fit true to size with a nice snug fit, and im not taking about snug where your toes cant move either. They fit like a glove, as they say.

After wearing the sneakers for awhile and taking the time to really get the feel for them the comfort level didnt really change all that much. They felt just as comfortable wearing them for 10minutes as they did for 8hours. I havent had a change to play ball in them or anything of that nature, so as far as support when it comes to that i cant really vouch for yet. However, just doing general stuff and moving around and running here and there the sneakers are very supportive around the ankle, just like the original ROOS were back in the 80s. They will built with support and comfort in mind.

KangaROOS went the extra step to put in little details on the sneakers as well to pay homage to Walter Payton. For example on the strap, which is patent leather by the way, theres ‘Sweetness’ embroidered on it. Like we said earlier, Sweetness was the nickname given to Walter Payton, due to how he moved on the field and his kind personality off the field. Sweetness branding was also added to the lace tips which i thought was a nice touch, since you dont see all to many companies getting fancy with the lace tips, unless they are aftermarket laces from a company like Starks.

To go along with the whole Walter Payton Limited Edition Collection, besides for the Sweetness branding, KangaROOS also added the number 34 on the heel and tongue of the sneakers on a nice little stitched patch. The top half of the tongue is patent leather just like the strap and there is even a little stash pocket included on the tongue. The stash pocket is included on the front of the tongue and opens and closes with the use of a zipper. Its a pretty nice feature and one of the reasons why KangaROOS are known as ‘The Sneakers With Pockets’.

So far im loving the KangaROOS Trap Hi and really wouldnt change to much on them besides for a few minor details, such as the embossed dots on the sole unit, but thats a whole different story. Hit up your local FinishLine or visit them online to check out the KangaROOS Trap Hi and the rest of the releases in the Walter Payton Collection.




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