Nate Robinson Dunks Over Biff Henderson on David Lettermen Show


Last night Nate Robinson made an appearance on the Late Show with David Lettermen. When Nate came onto the stage he was sporting the same green St. Patrick’s Day NY Knicks uniform he wore during the Slam Dunk Contest along with Kryptonite Foamposite Lite which Nate says was designed by Nike, Time Warner and DC Comics.

After a round of questions Biff Henderson, the stage manager of The Late Show with David Lettermen, came onto the stage and allowed Nate to give an encore presentation of the dunk which made him the 2009 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champion. Biff is nowhere around the height of Dwight Howard and clearly looks to be shorter then Nate himself so the task of jumping over him while driving to the lane wasnt much of a task at all. It was still cool to see Nate soaking up the limelight though.

If you didnt catch the show last night when it aired check out the video clip above.

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