Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite on eBay Was A Fake!!


According to the crew over at KixInTheCity, who are always on top of their game by the way, has just reported that the Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite on eBay is a fact not official and that the winner who bid over $20K just got burned. KATC ran into Nate Robinson himself outside the tapping of the David Lettermen show (which airs tonight) where Nate wore the sneakers and has them in hand. How could the seller on eBay be selling game wore sneakers when Nate still has the game worn sneakers? This is the actual pair Nate wore during the 2009 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest.

Thanks to KATC for the info and make sure you watch David Lettermen tonight to catch an interview with Nate Robinson and the REAL GAME WORN Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite.

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