Nike ‘Wolverine’ Air Force One Customs


Van impresses me once again with the newest custom Air Force Ones he designed. As we have seen from previous designs from Van he puts a lot of heart and sole into each pair he does and this newest design, the Wolverine Air Force Ones defiantly prove Van puts in the time and dedication to truly create something unique and one of a kind.

Van basically wanted to make the Air Forces 1’s into a trailer for a Wolverine flick. Since we are dealing with still art here the only way to do that is to design what you would believe would be still photos from specific scenes throughout the movie or movie artwork. For each side, of each sneaker, Van included a scene using very detailed graphics with unbelievable shading on the characters and their surroundings. Not to mention Van threw in some graphics to represent slashes from Wolverines blades and a custom box including a very nice image of Wolverine with his arms spread out. Like we said, Van put his heart and sole into all his sneakers and his final work defiantly goes to show for it.

Make sure you follow the jump to check out many more detailed pics of the Nike ‘Wolverine’ Air Force One custom sneakers.










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