Kid Cudi was Tasered, not Arrested


The other day we reported that Kid Cudi was arrested during the NBA All Star Weekend. However the story is changing a bit now that Kid Cudi himself has commented about the situation on his blog. Kid Cudi reports that he was tasered, and not actually arrested. The whole situation wasnt over the fact that Cudi showed up to the Reebok All Star Party in a pair of Air Jordans either. Cudi says he actually was wearing Reeboks when he showed up to the event and that the an argument broke out over something petty with a Reebok employee. Cudi also reports that there were no punches thrown cause he was unable to get near the guy he would of wanted to hit, but due to all the chaos and the fact it was the NBA All Star Weekend and the pigs didnt want any problems they tasered Kid Cudi to calm him down, which he says hurt like a m*@&#$fu#$$r. After that he got in his car service and left the event.

You can read the statement Kid Cudi has made himself on his blog.

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