‘Kryptonate’ Nike Foamposite Lite – Closer Look


Yesterday we took a look at the Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite, the sneakers which Nate Robinson wore for the final round in the 2009 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest. After catching Nate wearing the sneakers on the court, and in pictures taken after the event, we now have a clear shot of the Nike Foamposite Lite ‘Kryptonate’.

The upper of the Foamposite Lite, which features a polyurethane construction with synthetic covering wraps, has a gradient design that fades from green to yellow with green more towards the top and heel fading to yellow as it goes towards the front and bottom of the sneakers. One of the features which was hard to notice in the orignal pictures of Nate wearing the sneakers is the Kryptonate logo on the side of the upper.

At this time we still have no info as to wheather the Kryptonate Nike Foamposite Lite will ever be released or will strictly be a Nate Robinson Player Exclsuive leaving many of us to drool over. Follow the jump for another look.


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