Kid Cudi Arrested During Reebok All-Star Weekend Party


Baller Status has reported the Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi was arrested this weekend during the 2009 NBA All Star Weekend. Details are still hazy at this time until an official police report pops up but according to records Kid Cudi got into a verbal argument with the Reebok staff during one of their parties which they hosted. Things i guess got a little bit out of hand cause the verbal bashing turned into a physical altercation between Kid Cudi and the Reebok staff on hand. When things didnt die down themselves police were called to the scene where they then tasered Kid Cudi and put him in cuffs.

According to sources on hand during the altercation the fight started over the fact that Kid Cudi refused to wear Reeboks on stage and instead wore a pair of Air Jordans. The sneaker game is serious!!!

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