DC Shoes x Lemar & Dauley Admiral


The DC Shoes ‘Double Label Project’ continues with their newest collaboration being with streetwear company Lemar & Dauley. DC gave the Lemar & Dauley design team full creative control over the Admiral model. The muse for the Lemar and Dauley Admiral was the idea of regatta sail boats. Fabrics and materials used on the sails originally inspired, but in the process of creating the shoe other elements began to reshape the vision to further address the lifestyle behind the idea. The shoe captures a metropolitan individual engaging in a beach bum mentality.

Two colorways were created as a reflection of sand and concrete. The patterns on the side panels represent the art often depicted on regatta wind sails.  The “Lemar and Dauley” name was used to illustrate the names often detailed on the side of boats. The metal plate embossed with Braille and the reflective tape was used to illustrate touch and sight, both of which are necessary human senses when in the water. In the final attempt to brand the shoe, DC Shoes and Lemar and Dauley used the trademark houndstooth pattern associated with Lemar and Dauley.

Watch for the DC Shoes x Lemar & Dauley Admiral to hit DC Life retailers on Febuary 1st for a price of $150.



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