Bape x Spongebob Croc-Skin Bapesta


Posted up on the BBC Blog were these pictures of Pharell, also known as Skateboard P, rocking a pair of yellow Bapestas. They arent just any Bapestas though as you can probably see by the picture and the description of this post. The Bape Bapesta is finished in what looks to be real croc-skin which has been dyed yellow. Thats not just it though, to take it a step further and include one of Pharells favorite characters into the design the face of Spongebob was added to the heel.

No word has been announced on whether or not these Bape Bapestas will be released to the public at any point but we would believe the answer to that would be no. Just another pair for Pharell to add to his personal collection of kicks we will never ever get our hands on. A full size shot follow after the jump. BTW, what the hell is Pharell doing on a bus? Dont tell me the economy is THAT BAD.


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