Kanye West reveals Louis Vuitton Dons


As you know we have been following the release of the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Shoes. After previewing the red joints and the white joints we now have some pictures of 4 models that Kanye and Louis Vuitton recently revealed during a LV Fashion show in Paris. The Louis Vuitton sneakers made in collaboration with Kanye West will be know as the Louis Vuitton ‘Dons’ and will cost up around $500-$600 a piece, leaving them only to those who can defiantly roll with the big boys.

We still dont have detailed pictures of all the color schemes yet, but now you can see a beige/black model and an all black colorway both of which we havent seen in the past. The make up of the Louis Vuitton Dons will include a construction of leather, suede, and patent leather and will come with Louis Vuitton branding on single tone uppers.

No release date at this time, so stay tuned for further updates.




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