Barack Obama Air Force Ones at Hope Gallery in DC


If you werent feeling our All-Time Top 3 Barack Obama Sneakers, or if you just wanna see more Obama designs, dont worry, we got something for you. Be prepaird to read though cause a story goes along with these Obama Shoes.

Van was honored to have a piece of his work, a new design he created, featured at the Manifest Hope Gallery In Washington DC this past weekend for Inauguration. Along with Van a select few artists were hand picked to join in on the exhibit, artists such as Shepard Fairey and Ron English, so for Van it was truly an honor to place his work alongside such legends. His previously designed Obama Shoes must of really made an impact on the art community.

For more info about the sneakers, and more pictures follow the break.

For the exhibit Van put together a newly designed Barack Obama Nike Air Force One, which he says will most likely be the last Obama design he does. The design Van laid out on the Air Force Ones he calls ‘Fabric of a Leader’. Basically one of the sneakers has a picture of President Obama and his mother, while the other shoe has a picture of Obamas father. Both shoes hold titles from both President Obamas books, ‘Dreams From My Father’ and ‘The Audacity of Hope’.  On the toe-box theres an eagle with a ribbon in its mouth that says “All men are created equal”.

Truly a lovely design by Van. We send our congrats to Van for being one of the few honored to take part in this event which took place during a time which will forever be remebered, a time when the US wrote a new page in the history books.






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