All-Time Top 3 Barack Obama Sneakers


Since today is Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day lets take a look at our All-Time Top 3 Barack Obama Sneakers. Today is truly a day that will be remember in the history books for a long time to come, the Inauguration of our 44th President, our nations first African American President. It would seem that what our leaders once preached about in the past is finally starting to come around after all these years and it has given a lot of people a sense of joy. This was one election where people really felt they had a say in the outcome.

Some of the people who showed their love and support for Barack Obama were sneaker customizers who went to great lengths to design custom sneakers dedicated to Obama. With all the designs that have been put together, and ripped off by impostors, we could post Obama shoes for days. But instead we put together a short list of our All-Time Top 3 Barack Obama Sneakers. The sneakers are not ranked in any particular order. Number 3 is just as good as number 1, and number 1 is just as good as number 3. With all that being said, lets jump into the All-Time Top 3 Barack Obama Shoes.

Hit the break to catch the pictures.

(One picture of each design will be posted. If interested please click on the link to get all the info and all the pictures of the sneakers)


1 – Barack Obama Nike Air Force Ones – These were designed by artist Van, who is the original designer. You may have seen these pictures, or sneakers designed like this for sale on numerous websites. Be warned, they are not originals. Van is the original artist of the design and unless you are buying them from him they are not official and just knock offs.



2 – Barack Obama Nike Blazers – Artist/Designer TTK is the designer of the Barack Obama Nike Blazers. The design includes 2 portraits of Obama along with some splash graphics in white and blue.



3 – Barack Obama Nike Dunks – This is another custom design done by artist TTK. Featuring black and blue graffiti inspired graphics the sneakers have 1 portrait each of Barack Obama on the sides of the upper.


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