Custom Nike Dunks – Skeleton Comrade


The newest creation out of the SBTG lab are these custom Nike Dunks called Skeleton Comrade which are the second part of the Dead Generals Collection. As you may have come to noticed by now SBTG and the RoyalFam are always coming up with these unique designs which include the use of premium materials and clever designs.

For the Skeleton Comrade Nike Dunks SBTG used selvedge denim on with hand painted graphics of bones and the word ‘Army’ throughout certain panels. SBTG also added his signature zipper design to the tongue of the Dunks and included a pair of gold lace locks. A custom box helps keep these custom Nike Dunks lookin fresh.

Upon on there release on the RoyalFam website, which will be soon by the way, there will be two colorways made available, red and blue, with 12 pairs in each color. Each pair will sell for a price of $600. Keep your eye on the RoyalFam website for availability and hit the jump to check out all the pictures.









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