Custom Axion x Duffs x AF1 Hybrid


Hush Fabrications, who does some outstanding work, recently just finished up these custom Nike Air Force One hybrids. The interesting hybrid design uses the upper of a Duffs KCK mixed with the toe-box and frontal from an AF1. The material used on the upper comes from a Axion AX-AE skate shoe. The bottom half of the shoes are obviously from a pair of AF1s.

I personally think the design on the Air Force 1’s is killer with the brown suede on the Duffs KCK upper. The AF1 toe-box mixed into the design is something which may go unnoticed at first glance but once you grasp the overall look of the design it really seems to fit together. The added red Hush tag is just enough branding to go along with the Axion tongue tag too i think. The design looks authentic and the quality is top-notch, as it always is from Hush.

Make sure you hit up the jump to check out more pictures of the custom Axion x Duffs x Nike Air Force One Hybrid by Hush Fabrications.






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