Thousands Of Shoes Appear On Miami Expressway


A few days ago on January 2nd thousands of shoes appeared on the morning Palmetto Expressway disrupting traffic for hours. Included were work boots, running shoes, womens heels, tennis shoes and maybe even a pair of Air Force 1’s or Nike Dunk’s. Nobody is quite sure where the shoes came from but it took a crew several hours to sweep up all the shoes and push them to the side of the Expressway. They were all then loaded into dump trucks and taken out to the an empty field in northern Miami-Dade County where non-profit organizations such as Soles4Souls are taking the shoes and distributing them to the poor. This is defiantly a pretty crazy news story, to just come across thousands of shoes in the road and have no idea where they came from. I wonder if anybody stopped and picked up any heat before the cops got there.

Hit the jump to check out a quick CNN news clip of the event.


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