Air Jordan II x Eminem ‘The Way I Am’ on Ebay


The Eminem x Air Jordan II ‘The Way I Am’ which was released on December 19th exclusively on Air Jordan Flight Club sold out instantly as users desperately struggled to get online to get in a order for 1 of the 313 available pairs. The only way to get your hands on a pair now is to resort paying the uber high prices set by resellers on Ebay. The prices of the Air Jordan II x Eminem ‘The Way I Am’ on Ebay is going anywhere from $300+ a pair for auctions all the way up to $1,000+ for quick BIN offers.

If your able to front this kind of money for a pair of kicks and your either a big Jordan collector and an Eminem fan (groupie) check out all the Ebay Auctions to scoop yourself up a pair before all the collectors get em and the auctions die out.

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