Custom Nike Terminator Vintage – The Lost Boys


This weekend lets go back to some of our roots. When Sneaker Obsession was first started majority of our content was based around custom sneakers so this weekend we are gonna present a few brand new customs.

First up at bat are these Custom Vintage Nike Terminators designed by Bespoke Sneaker Gallery and inspired by the1987 cult classic, Lost Boys. Bespoke used the vintage Nike Terminators to help retell the story of David (Kiefer Sutherland) and his tribe of teenage vampires whom terrorized their small town in CA. The team also wanted to give the customs an authentic feel of 1987 (when the film released) as well as a look of it being a prop in the movie, and this vintage model of the Terminator (originally released in 1985) gave that desired appeal.

The custom sneakers consist of bright red bite marks on the upper cushion and lower heel and scratches on the frontal. A white pale tone was used to represent a victim freshly bitten, and black for the Gothic Motorcycle Gang. This is only one part of a Lost Boys Terminator Package by Bespoke Sneaker Gallery so stay tuned for a look at the other half when the crew finishes em up.






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