Sneaker Bistro ‘Cans For Kicks’ Food Drive


The good folks at Sneaker Bistro have put together a great project to help the less fortunate this Holiday Season. Around this time of year many of us demand presents and gifts which a lot of us come to find Christmas morning, however there are a lot of families out there going through tough times right now who wont have much of a Christmas at all.

Sneaker Bistro put together the ‘Cans For Kicks’ Food Drive which asks people to donate non-perishable food items. Theres a catch a though, and a good one at that too. Those who do donate an item will be given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a pair of sneakers from Sneaker Bistro. Not only that but you can have 10 chances to win, if you supply 10 products, 1 ticket for each item. 10 raffle tickets is the max but thats not to say you can drop off more food items.  The winner of the sneakers will be announced via the Sneaker Bistro blog on the December 22nd. All the items collected will be donated to the Lighthouse Mission in Patchogue.

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