FLI Pelican x New Era Fitteds


Upstart streetwear company, Fli Pelican is at it again with a second collaboration with New Era. The first was met with much more hype than one would expect of such a new company, especially one based out of south and not one of the northern fashion meccas. The new installment features “Pelicans” knitted on the front in infrared, with the Fli Pelican logo at the back of the hat, complemented by the New Era flag flying on the side. The fitted will drop in black, navy, and forest green and will be limited to 30 pieces per size. Once they’re sold out, there will be no more. The cost will be $38 and can be found on the company’s website.

Release date is December 10th, 2008.



The shirt in the third picture is the Pelican’s “Good Life” tee, which is also on the site for $25 currently in a full men’s and women’s size run.


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