Nike Air Force 1 x Mayor


Nike recently sent 2 of their biggest Air Force One collectors known around their very own pair of 1 of a kind AF1s. One of the Air Force One addicts is a guy who goes by the name of Mayor. Mayor is known to be HUGE into collecting Air Force Ones, whether they be mids or lows, it doesnt matter, Mayor has em.

Being the big AF1 addict he is and making himself known across the states in more ways then one Nike noticed his Sneaker Obsession and sent him a custom pair of sneakers. Up until this point Mayor owned 999 Air Force Ones, so with that being known Nike sent him his 1,000th pair. In honor of hitting the 1,000 mark Nike designed the yellow and beige sneakers with a design that includes abunch of random 1s scattered throughout the upper. And yes, there are actually 1,000 of them included somewhere within the design.  1000 is also printed on the heel tab and a set of sky blues laces were added to match the liner.

The sub-division of Nike, Innovation Kitchen, is the design team behind these AF1s which are defiantly a unique pair of Air Force Ones for one of the biggest collectors. Props goes out to Mayor on his collection and his new one of a kind kicks.

Update: Nike Air Force One x Kevin Hunter


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