Nike Dunk – ‘Metal Plated Dr. Doom’ Customs


We got Batman Dunks, Kanye West Bear Air Force Ones, Superman Dunks, The Joker Chuck Taylors, Texas Chainsaw Massacre AF1s and the list goes on and on. A character we havent seen used all that often though when it comes to custom sneakers is Dr. Doom. The order for these customs was put in to Diversitile and honestly speaking i think they did an epic job on these.

Using colors such as green, black and bronze Diversitile designed the Nike Dunks with 2 very detailed images of Dr. Doom in metal plated armor. One sneaker has just a head shot of Dr. Doom while the other has a pictures of Dr. Doom displaying his powers. To finish off the metal plating design Diversitile added a metal plated design to the lace tab, toe box and ankle area all included with detailed designs of bolts and rust to make it authentic looking. The Nike Swoosh was then finished in a fade that goes from silver to bronze.

Whether your into comic books or not you gotta respect the design on these Dr. Doom Dunks. The detail is amazing and Diversitile is always killin em with it. Make sure you hit the jump to check out more detailed pictures.



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