Nike Air Yeezy to be released in December?


2 Weeks ago we reported that there was was some talk about a Nike Air Yeezy – 2009 Release Date. However, earlier this week on Monday there was a Chicago Bears signing hosted at Self-Conscious and during the signing there were some words exchanged about an Air Yeezy release. During the event GLC, who we know to be a good friend of Kanye West and somebody who has been seen rocking Air Yeezy shoes in the past, stopped by Self-Conscious to check out the signing. When GLC showed up he was seen wearing a pair of black on black Air Yeezys which appear to be the Black Laser Etched Air Yeezy we saw him in awhile ago during an event for The Hundreds. GLC didnt say all to much about the sneakers when people asked but he was heard mentioning something about a December release date. Whether or not this is 100% accurate or not nobody is really sure at this time. We keep getting mixed info on so all we can do at this time is sit and patiently wait until we hear more. Get ready though cause the end of the year isnt all that far away and you know once they release its going to be a mad house at distributors. Stay tuned for more updates. Via: SF



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