OriginalFake x Nike Air Max 90 Series – On Ebay


If you missed out on the release of the Kaws x Nike Sportswear – Air Max 90 Series no fear cause as always resellers are around to fill your needs. Listed are tons of Ebay Auctions for all different sizes, some which just include the Air Max 90 Current, other which just include the Air Max 90 and even some which include both the AM90 and AM90 Current. Itll cost you though, as you can imagine for a Kaws release. Prices vary from $300-$400+ for a single pair all the way up to $1,000 for both pairs. If you have money like this to swing and gotta get your hands on a pair hit up one of the many Ebay Auctions now before all the collectors get em and you end up paying double later. More shots of both sneakers are shown after the jump.




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