Adidas Originals x Lifelounge – All Day I Dream About Sneakers


Lifelounge and Adidas have collaborated on something pretty unique here. Both companies got together to work on a limited edition book called “All Day I Dream About Sneakers”. This book showcases the work of the great artist/designer Herr Fritz Traumer.

For those who dont know, Herr Fritz Traumer was an artist who spent much of his time designing sneakers, Adidas to be exact. A true visionary, Herr Fritz Traumer saw vast potential in the sneaker well beyond their athletic function and humble appearance. He dreamed well beyond the realm of possibility and quietly penned in a series of notebooks, visions of sneakers that were truly unlike any other sneaker in this world. A dream and works of art like this shouldnt go without being seen by the masses so Adidas and Lifelounge published the limited edition book about the life of Herr Fritz Traumer and the sneakers he designed.

The book gives excerpts from the journals Traumer kept and shows off many of the designs he created. Unfortunately for us US folks, this book was only listed in limited numbers at shops around Australia and New Zealand. However, you can check out the Lifelounge website where you can download a PDF version of the book for free. Pictures of the designs created by Herr Fritz Traumer follow after the jump.










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