Update: Storm Trooper SB Dunks might be Venom Dunks


What we have been calling the Storm Troopers SB Dunks for the past few days may actually be designed after Venom instead. A few of our readers sent us messages expressing their concerns on how they believe with the colorway thats majority black with touches of white that its designed after Venom. This does make sense when you think about it, since Storm Troopers are mostly white with black accents. Venom is black with accents of white. Then you think how theres a Spiderman SB Dunk and it makes even more sense that it would be Venom. Forgive us for this error and spread the word, there are a lot of folks calling them the Storm Troopers. Whether they are that or Venom Dunks, we are defiantly feeling the design. Leave your comment on what you believe they are.

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