Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Dunk Made of Fruit / Vegatables


Artists Defill and Milcke have put together this cool project which involves moldling various fruits and vegatables into the shape of a Nike Air Max 1 and a Nike Dunk. These sneakers in my opinion are just as neat as the Nike Air Max 90 Hamburger we showed you 2 months ago. I always have respect for projects like this cause its cool to see artists creating sneakers in the form of art, sort of like how i like custom sneakers cause it conbindes art and sneakers into 1. The Air Max 1 is made of fruits and vegatables such as lemons, eggplant and tomoatoes while the Nike Dunks are comprised of cucumber, kiwi skins and orange peels. Check out more work from Defill and Milcke at and hit the jump to check out the Nike Dunks.


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