Nike Dunk High – The Playbook Customs


Airing on October 6th SpikeTV brings back the show called The Playbook hosted by Matt Bean. In honor of the show coming back to SpikeTV again they reached out to YoaKustoms to get a pair of Nike Dunks designed for Matt Bean to wear for the taping. YoaKustoms executed the design really well i think with a fist on one sneaker crumbling up a piece of paper followed by the actual piece of paper itself being shown on the other sneaker with the shows name on it. The shading and lines used to give you the look of a crumbled up piece of paper are excellent, and that goes to say the same about the fist. On the inner side of both sneakers YoaKustoms laid down the SpikeTV logo to finish em up.

Oh yea, for those who dont know. The Playbook is a show which revolves around young males in the dating world going back different techinques as if they were following a playbook. Check out more detailed pictures after the jump and make sure you watch for Matt Bean to be wearing this on The Playbook airing October 6th at 9pm.





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