Nike MAG 2011 Helps Raise Over $5.6 Million

Through the recent release of the Nike MAG 2011, Nike helped raise over $5.6 million to go towards the fight against Parkinson’s disease. To be exact, the 1,500 pairs auctioned on eBay over 10 days brought in a total of $5,695,190.53. Factor in the fact that Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he would match whatever Nike raised and you have a grand total of $11,390,381.10. An astonishing figure to say the least, which is going to do wonders to help the Micheal J. Fox Foundation in its research to find a cure for Parkinson’s. Below you can find a breakdown of the auction history detailing how much was raised day-to-day, how many pairs of each size there were and what the average price for each one was, and a whole bunch of other statistics you may find interesting.

Day-to-Day Totals
Day 1 = $911,927.34
Day 2 = $647,539.91
Day 3 = $554,120.31
Day 4 = $508,077.50
Day 5 = $511,112.10
Day 6 = $492,481.97
Day 7 = $488,076.90
Day 8 = $499,851.16
Day 9 = $511,479.82
Day 10 = $570,523.52

Total = $5,695,190.53

Source: NT

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