Video: McFly’s Closet

It looks like Marty McFly’s Nike sneakers from Back to the Future are actually becoming a reality. Last month a US Patent Application surfaced detailing an automatic lacing system designed by Tinker Hatfield, leading us to believe Nike was working on plans to release a futuristic sneaker similar to the ones Marty McFly famously wore in the movie Back to the Future. If you had any doubts about the possibility of the shoes releasing, now’s the time to reconsider your thoughts. Nike’s released a viral video titled “McFly’s Closet” which shows a storage room full Nike Air Mag’s, with a video description that reads, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that looks like shelves and shelves of 2011 Nike MAG shoes“. While the video doesn’t make any sort of announcement about a release, the description is more than enough to indicate there’s one in the works for the near future. As we know more, you’ll know more. So stay tuned for further details. The video as well as some screenshots follow below.


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