Sneakerology – New Sneaker Store In Australia

From the minds behind ESPIONAGE in Sydney, Australia, comes Sneakerology.

A concept shop where sneakers are treated like artifacts in a museum, Sneakerology is the newest retailer in Sydney for rare, exclusive and limited edition footwear. The shop is setup to sell sneakers in one of the most informative ways imaginable. Consumers don’t just pick a shoe off the wall, pay a cashier and walk out. They’re given an actual history lesson on the shoe and leave the store knowing a whole lot more about what they just bought.

Inside the store are floor-to-ceiling displays housing 281 sneakers in lighted wooden boxes, each with a unique number. In the center of the store sits a touchscreen navigation system where would be customers can punch in the number of the sneaker they’re interested in to bring up a facts sheet about their potential purchase, along with pricing and sizes available. Its one of the most innovative and informative ways we’ve ever seen sneakers being sold, and we can only wish the customer service at our local Foot Locker and Finish Line locations were as helpful.

Source: dezeen

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