Air Jordan 5 “Quai 54” Will Not Release In The US

Sometimes rumors turn out to be true; other times they bring false hope.

In the case of the Air Jordan 5 “Quai 54”, US consumers have been set up for a major disappointment. If you recall, as photos of the Air Jordan 5 “Quai 54” circled the web there was mention of the possibility of a US release in early July through House of Hoops. Unfortunately, that rumor has been debunked as its recently been confirmed that the Jordan 5 “Quai 54” will not be available in the States at all. The sneakers will remain a European exclusive and the only way for US consumers to get their hands on a pair is to fall victim to a reseller and their ridiculously inflated prices.

The prices on eBay for a pair range between $300 and $500, depending on your size. If you’re looking to get a pair, considering grabbing them now before they’re all gone in your size.

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