Flight Club Launches SneakerArchive.com

Flight Club follows the path of Sneaker Freaker and Foot Locker with the launch of SneakerArchive.com.

Much like Sneaker Freaker’s “Sneaker Museum” and Foot Locker’s “Sneakerpedia”, Flight Club’s “SneakerArchive” is an online reference guide for all the hottest sneakers. However, unlike “Sneaker Museum” and “Sneakerpedia” where users are urged to contribute to the site by uploading photos of their sneakers to help build the database, “SneakerArchive” is controlled entirely by the Flight Club staff with the shops dynamic inventory system acting as the backbone.

At the time of launch, the site includes pictures, pricing history and other useful information on well over 10,000 sneakers – some 3,000 more than the “Sneaker Museum”. The most unique aspect is the pricing history, which gives you a look at how the resale value on a particular sneaker has varied over the years. Other than that, SneakerAchive is just another sneaker encyclopedia.

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