Sneakersnstuff x Asics GT-II – Detailed Photos

Following a quick look earlier this week, we bring you a much more detailed look at the SneakersNStuff x Asics GT-II.

Since our first look at the shoes it’s been brought to our attention that what we’ve been calling “cracks” on the Asics arches aren’t actually cracks. Rather, they are characters from the ancient Runic alphabet that was used among the Germanic people from the 1st or 2nd century AD before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The same characters can also be seen on the heel tab of the right sneaker, which is something we weren’t given a look at the other day. Naturally, you’ll have no idea what letters the characters represent in the alphabet, so Sneakersnstuff incorporated a chart on the insoles with each Runic character matching to a single letter in the English alphabet to help you decipher the codes. Now that we know all that, the sneakers have come a lot more interesting to use.

If you have your eye on the prize watch for the sneaker to release this coming Saturday, June 18th, in-store and online through Sneakersnstuff. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Runic alphabet check out Wikipedia.

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