Eric Koston Wears Ugg Slippers, Among Other Sneakers

Are you man enough to wear sheepskin-lined, Ugg slippers? Professional skateboarder Eric Koston is.

The Berrics take us inside Eric Koston’s sneaker room where the professional skateboarder himself showcases some of the sneakers in his collection. Instantly, Koston is questioned about a pair of Ugg slippers seen sitting on one of the lower racks holding the sneakers. He replies, they’re his “making coffee in the morning shoes”. From there, Koston shows off a couple Jordan’s, a few Nike’s and a Gucci chukka that’s a wannabe Clark he got in some Gucci outlet outside Florence, Italy. The camera scans over the shoe racks as he talks, giving you a look at much more than just what he chooses to pick up and talk about. The segment ends with Koston discussing his new signature Nike SB model, the Eric Koston 1.

This is part 2 of The Berrics “Footnotes” Series featuring Eric Koston. In part 1, which you can watch here, Eric Koston gave us a look at his sneaker filled garage. Here we see the sneakers he considers precious enough for indoor storage.

The video can’t be embedded, so you’ll have to visit The Berrics website by clicking here to check it out.

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