Def Jam x adidas X Freehand Profit Gas Mask

You may recall who Freehand Profit is. The guerrilla artist caught our attention last month when it was discovered he was turning sneakers into gas masks. We haven’t taken our eyes off him since, waiting to see if he’d turn another pair of sneakers into a gas mask fit for a post-apocalyptic warlord. And sure enough he did.

For his last mask in the MASK365 Project, a project where he created a some form of a new mask every day for a whole year, Freehand Profit broke down one of the Def Jam x adidas Ultra Stars model’s and used the elements of the shoe to fabricate a super cool gas mask – non-functional of course. The side panels of the upper and tongue act as the sides of the mask, the heel is worked in on the top, and the midsole, with the insole intact, is used to cover the eyes.

If you’re wondering, Freehand Profit told us that his sneaker gas masks are sold through gallery shows he does and that they range anywhere from $250 to $750.

If you could have a sneaker-themed gas mask to protect you from biological warfare, what sneaker would it be molded after?

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