Puma x Sneaker Freaker x Nash x MF Doom Sneaker Speakers

UK sneaker customizer Nash Money shocked the world earlier this year when he took an ordinary pair of white-on-white Air Force 1’s and transformed them into a pair of sneaker speakers.

Impressed with his handiwork, Sneaker Freaker reached out to the Nash to collaborate on a new sneaker speaker setup to be featured in their newest issue, issue 21. This time around, Puma got involved in the project and provided Nash with their giant 40-something-size Puma Suede model to work with, giving him much more to work with and essentially allowing him to build a better speaker.

Being Puma’s also in the entertainment business these days, the group decided to get an artist involved to endorse the project. Without hesitation, Nash quickly suggested his favorite artist, MF Doom, who was just as quick to cosign the project once he caught wind of it. The British hip hop artist provided some specifications on what needed to be done to make the system Doom-certified and Nash went to work on putting it all together.

Much more than just a sneaker speaker like the AF1, this is a mobile entertainment system with the best woofers, tweeters and mids, four input terminals to hook up an iPod, laptop, or any other music device, an LCD screen for barometric pressure readouts, two ports for a mic, strobe lights and a megawatt amp. We’re told the system kicks (no pun intended), too, putting out an easy 40 RMS, which is insane given the fact we’re talking about a sound system within a sneaker.

Check out some photos of the Puma x Sneaker Freaker x Nash Money x MF Doom sneaker speakers below as well as video of Nash telling us how the project came about. Also, check out Sneaker Freaker’s article detailing the build process.


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